Cerebral electricity ("Static")Edit

Coined by the Greetings Robotics Corporation's CEO, cerebral electricity is a mysterious substance in the Interface universe that had existed alongside humanity for an unknown amount of time before revealing itself after the 1943 Philadelphia Experiment. Cerebral electricity has been hypothesized to be sentient due to the language used by Mr. Greetings in Episode 03.
Cerebral Electricity

A well of electricity/static as seen in Interface Episode 03

Properties Edit

Cerebral electricity acts as a corporeal substance, as seen by its containment within vials and wells. It has been used to create artificial intelligence (KAMI) and can be harnessed by paranormal entities to manipulate their own physical form, or to interact with material objects. Cerebral electricity may also be a form of energy, as solid materials have been converted into cerebral electricity in the series.

It is theorized by fans that cerebral electricity is some kind of embodiment of an organisms soul or consciousness, which is released from its body after it dies. This can be seen in Episode 16 when the heron in the stream kills the frog, and in Episode 20 when Henryk's daughter's corpse can be seen releasing cerebral electricity from her face upon her death.

Cerebral Electricity Scientists

Static as observed by 'Greetings Robotics' scientists

Origins Edit

Very little is known about the origins of cerebral electricity. Mr. Greetings states that it is "not a foreign substance"; however, so far there have been no more clues as to where it came from, why or how it came to exist, or why it revealed itself after the Philadelphia Experiment.
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