Chef is a character in the Interface webseries. He is voiced by Yoshi Ando.


Chef is the octopus chef (and perhaps owner) of the sushi restaurant first visited by Mischief and Henryk in Episode 09. He is theorized to be a being affected by cerebral electricity due to the fact that he is sentient, capable of speech in both English and Japanese, and can survive outside of a marine environment.

Origin Edit

Chef is first encountered by Henryk and the viewer in Episode 09, but it's clear that he and Mischief go back further than that. Chef is able to recognise Mischief by voice and color when he enters the restaurant as Henryk's suit and hat. He also confesses to having visions "again", implying that he and Mischief have had conversations about that topic before.

Appearance Edit

Chef is a large blue octopus with downcast red eyes, wearing a chef's hat and holding a culinary knife and ladle. He looks somewhat old with a slightly worn-looking mantle/head and bags under his eyes. 

Abilities Edit

Chef possesses the ability to rapidly grow to a gargantuan size. This can be seen in Episode 12 when he fights with KAMI.

Death Edit

In Episode 12, Chef is destroyed by Greetings Robotics and KAMI after KAMI appears at his restaurant.

Gallery Edit

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