Greetings Robotics Corporation Edit

Greetings Robotics Blimp

The Greetings Robotics Corporation's unique blimp

The Greetings Robotics Corporation (Greetings Robotics) is an engineering corporation that specializes in the research and development of robotics, artificial intelligence, and the Cerebral Electricity.

Purpose Edit

Greetings Robotics Screen

UN Presentation slide showcasing partnership between the Greetings Robotics Corporation and the UN's Counter-Terrorism Committee

Along with the backing of many nations, corporate sponsors, and the United Nations Counter-Terrorism Committee, the Greetings Robotics Corporation was able to create KAMI; an artificial intelligence based on the Cerebral Electricity, utilising a mechanical chassis.

Background Edit

Not much is known about the Greetings Robotics Corporation or its CEO other than the shared belief that the Cerebral Electricity is sentient and purposefully is allowing itself to be analyzed and utilized by humans.

Interface References Edit

Greetings Robotics CEO

The Greetings Robotics Corporation's CEO, known only as "Mr. Greetings"

'Greetings Robotics' is the name of Episode 03 of the Interface series. The CEO of Greetings Robotics is identified as "Mr. Greetings" in the credits of Episode 12.
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