The Greetings Robotics Corporation, or simply Greetings Robotics, is an engineering corporation in the Interface universe that specializes in the research and development of robotics, artificial intelligence, and cerebral electricity.

Background Edit

Greetings Robotics CEO

The CEO of Greetings Robotics Corporation, Mr. Greetings

Not much is known about Greetings Robotics Corporation or its CEO other than the shared belief that cerebral electricity is sentient and purposefully is allowing itself to be analyzed and utilized by humans.

Purpose Edit

Along with the backing of many nations, corporate sponsors, and the United Nations Counter-Terrorism Committee, the Greetings Robotics Corporation was able to create the Kinetic Autonomous Mechanical Interface (KAMI), an artificial intelligence based on cerebral electricity, utilizing a mechanical chassis.
Greetings Robotics Blimp

The Greetings Robotics Corporation's unique blimp

The ultimate goals of Greetings Robotics are unknown, but they seem to be very interested in the capture of Henryk and Mischief.

Blimp Edit

The Greetings Robotics blimp is the subject of much speculation by fans. It has the appearance of a white blimp with a gray tail, and the Greetings Robotics name on the side. Most notably, it has a infant-esque face on its front. The cross-section of the blimp shown in Episode 07 shows that there is a brain, eyes, and spinal cord connected to the face.

Relationship with KAMI Edit

Mechanical saccorhytus

The interior structure of the GR blimp

The blimp works together with KAMI through cerebral electricity. The exact nature of their relationship is unknown, and there is some debate as to whether they are really separate entities at all. KAMI can be seen navigating with the blimp in Episode 07, and they seemingly work together to defeat Chef in Episode 12.

Interface references Edit

"Greetings Robotics" is the name of Episode 03 of the Interface series. The CEO of Greetings Robotics is identified as "Mr. Greetings" in the credits of Episode 12.
Greetings Robotics Screen

UN Presentation slide showcasing partnership between the Greetings Robotics Corporation and the UN's Counter-Terrorism Committee

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