"Blue Guy" as commonly referred to by fans, is a recurring character in the Interface series. Not much is known about the character other than he seems to be an important figure in the overlying plot of the Interface series along with "Mischief". He is the first character seen in the series, along with Mischief, shown in Interface Episode 01.


"Blue Guy" is seen in the first episode browsing a window display in what is believed to be modern day Montreal and is shortly after approached by "Mischief". It is unclear what has drawn Blue Guy and Mischief together leading to speculation that he may be special in some way. He is a passive character and goes along with what "Mischief" wants him to do; he has not yet spoken or shown much emotion which has shrouded him in mystery.


"Blue Guy" appears to be a smartly dressed middle-aged man. Although Human in appearance it is uncertain his particular being. Blue Guy wears an outfit similar to the man depicted in René Magritte's painting 'The Son of Man' of which an episode of Interface shares the same name.


'Henryk Niebieski' is a combination of two Polish words, Henryk, meaning 'Ruler of the Home' or 'Lord of the House', and Niebieski, meaning 'Blue'. this would mean that Henryk's full name means, roughly translated, 'Blue Ruler of the Home'. This is very obviously a reference to him being a father and always wearing blue clothing.


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