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[[Interface Episode 05|Interface | Episode 05 | The Son of Man]]
[[Interface Episode 05|Interface | Episode 05 | The Son of Man]]
[[Interface Episode 06|Interface | Episode 06 | Bear Witness]]
[[Interface Episode 07|Interface | Episode 7 | The Mechanical Saccorthytus]]
[[Interface Episode 08|Interface | Episode 8 | The Watchful Eyes]]
[[Big Smile's Order]]}}
[[Big Smile's Order]]}}

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"The year was 1943" "Mischief"


The first episode of the Interface series published by 'u m a m i' on December 9th 2017. This episode features the first appearances of characters: "Blue Guy" and "Mischief".


The episode begins with Blue Guy on the edge of a road looking at static-imbued mannequins in a store front. Mischief is then seen to enter the scene and show their physical form to Blue Guy while also snatching Blue Guy's cigarette and causing it to fall slowly to the ground. Mischief then goes on to explain their experience with the Philadelphia Experiment and how they were "forced to regain [their] physicality". The episode ends with the cigarette finally reaching the ground, as if little time had passed.


The Philadelphia Experiment

The events described by Mischief seem to represent those described by real-life Carlos Miguel Allende aka Carl M. Allen in letters to "astronomer and UFO buff Morris K. Jessup"[1]. The two letters sent by Carl claimed that he had witnessed a secret World War Two experiment that was taking place at the Philadelphia Naval Shipyard. He also claims that the destroyed escort USS Eldridge (DE-173) was "rendered invisible, teleported to New York, teleported to another dimension where it encountered aliens, and teleported through time, resulting in the death of several sailors, some of whom were fused with the ship's hull"[2]



  2. Barna William Donovan (2011). Conspiracy Films: A Tour of Dark Places in the American Conscious, McFarland. p. 106
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