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[[Interface Episode 05|Interface | Episode 05 | The Son of Man]]
[[Interface Episode 05|Interface | Episode 05 | The Son of Man]]
[[Interface Episode 06|Interface | Episode 06 | Bear Witness]]
[[Interface Episode 07|Interface | Episode 7 | The Mechanical Saccorthytus]]
[[Interface Episode 08|Interface | Episode 8 | The Watchful Eyes]]
[[Big Smile's Order]]}}
[[Big Smile's Order]]}}

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"I'm a bus" "Mischief"


The second episode of the Interface series published by 'u m a m i' on December 9th 2017. This episode continues from the previous episode and follows "Mischief" and "Blue Guy" on their journey throughout Montreal.


The episode begins where Episode 01 had finished and is the first episode to showcase the transformation abilities that Mischief, and possibly other ghosts, possess. Mischief uses the Cerebral Electricity to transform into a bus for Blue Guy to use. Blue Guy enters the bus but never chooses a destination, leaving the decision up to Mischief where he states "if you don't decide I will". They travel past many landmarks on the way to their newfound destination, the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts. Once they arrive Mischief transforms again but this time is absorbed into Blue Guy, acting as a passenger. The episode ends with a shot of Blue Guy in his new pink outfit.


References to Montreal

This episode features many shots from well known Montreal landmarks such as the Turcot Interchange, Olympic Stadium, Mount Royal Cross and the destination featured in the episode, the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts. Because of these appearances it is believed that Interface takes place in a time similar to our own.

Mischief's transformation

This episode features two transformations performed by Mischief harnessing the power of Cerebral Electricity. These act as dynamics for the concept of travel because the first transformation is used to transport Blue Guy while the second is used to absorb into Blue Guy, effectively reversing the role of the passenger. It is unknown as to whether other people are able to see Mischief's bus form but it is believed to be unlikely. A theory for the pink colouration change in Blue Guy's suit can be explained by the fact that Blue Guy was already inside of Mischief when the transformation occurs, however this is unconfirmed.


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Big Smile's Order

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