"Ghost stories and myths became no longer superstitions, but a horrifying reality that we've been forced to recognize." ― Mr. Greetings

Interface - Episode 03 - Greetings Robotics

Interface - Episode 03 - Greetings Robotics

Description Edit

The third episode of the Interface series was published by 'u m a m i' on January 9th, 2018. It is the first titled episode and also currently the longest episode of Interface. It features the first appearances of Greetings Robotics Corporation and KAMI. The voice of Mr. Greetings is provided by Philip Hersh.

Synopsis Edit

The episode begins with a shot of the Greetings Robotics blimp panning down to the United Nations headquarters towering over the New York skyline while the CEO of Greetings Robotics Corp., Mr. Greetings, makes a speech at a U.N. Counter-Terrorism Committee meeting. He explains that cerebral electricity has plagued the world since the 1943 Philadelphia Experiment, the world has been "plagued" by cerebral electricity. He states that cerebral electricity is not a foreign substance, but had simply been invisible before "reveal[ing] itself for us to observe, to understand". He then presents KAMI to the audience with a show of her teleportation abilities.

Notes Edit

"Hello world" Edit

There is some speculation that the name Greetings Robotics is a reference to the phrase "Hello world", which is typically the first script executed by a new programming language after it's completion.

Cerebral electricity Edit

It is believed by some fans that Greetings Robotics views cerebral electricity as both a threat and means to further their own power. The use of language such as "plagued" and "darkness" to describe cerebral electricity shows that cerebral electricity is thought of as harmful and dangerous. However, the fact that KAMI was unveiled at a counter-terrorism committee shows that while cerebral electricity may be thought of negatively, Greetings Robotics is not hesitant to try to use it against perceived threats.

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