The fourth episode of the Interface series published by 'u m a m i' on February 13th 2018. The setting for this episode is unknown and features the first appearance of "The Ghost". The episode also features KAMI, however it is unknown how much time has passed since the previous episode they were in.


The episode starts in an apartment with the television static distorting between faces (similar to the underneath of KAMI's faceplate seen in Episode 03). Here we are introduced to The Ghost and the sleeping child beside them. The scene then changes to a sinking car in a large pool of bright red water, matching the colour of the sky. By the shore we can see The Ghost in his full hand-like form as well as another ghost (possibly "Mischief"). The other ghost absorbs two streams of static (believed to be the energy of the deceased parents) while The Ghost uses his large hand to save the drowning child. The child awakens to the image of KAMI approaching by the window and shortly after KAMI transforms the building's exterior into static. KAMI then encases the building in a large amount of static drawing up the body of The Ghost, leaving the child in the rubble.


KAMI's Morals

It is believed, although unofficially proven, that KAMI has no distinct judgement over what's morally right and wrong. This is due to the fact that KAMI carelessly destroys an entire building to absorb The Ghost as well as not understanding, or caring, that The Ghost had no malicious intentions (as shown prior with the car crash scene).


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