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[[Big Smile's Order]]}}
[[Big Smile's Order]]}}

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"Over time, they have strived to become... more complex. But why?" ― "Unknown"


The seventh episode of the Interface series published by 'u m a m i' on June 24th 2018. This episode takes focus on Greetings Robotics and their use of KAMI.


The episode begins with a narrator detailing the creation of the universe and Earth. The narrator also asks the question of why creatures strive to evolve to become more complex. Following the introduction, a Greetings Robotics blimp is seen passing by with the CEO onboard along with KAMI. The epsiode progresses with KAMI being interfaced with the airship. The episode ends with the blimp flying into the distance.



A Saccorthytus is a tiny, bag-like sea creature believed to be the earliest known ancestor to humans. The title of the episode might be a metaphor showing that KAMI is the first ancestor of a new species of cerebral energy based beings.


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Big Smile's Order

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