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"I'd bet the nurses in the next room are wondering how a man over 100 years old has skin smoother than theirs." ― Mischief


Interface - Episode 08 - The Watchful Eyes


The eighth episode of the Interface series was published by 'u m a m i' on August 3rd, 2018. The episode follows Henryk and Mischief after the events of Episode 06. This is the first episode where Henryk is addressed by his real name.

Official Synopsis[]

Mischief comes to visit Henryk in the hospital and he notices some strange things in the medical records.


The episode begins with footage of Montreal occupied by cerebral electricity. Henryk is then shown in a hospital bed gazing out the window. The shot cuts to a TV displaying shifting faces like those underneath KAMI's mask. A bright pink bird, later revealed to be Mischief, can be seen flying past the window. Text then appears over the shifting faces on the TV, first reading, "Secure beneath the watchful eyes" followed by, "Greetings Robotics Corporation"/ "Keeping communities safe" while distorted laughing can be heard.

Following this clip, a bizarre commercial for a children's toy line called Hazmatz Monster Collection is shown. During the commercial, a brief image of The Ghost can be seen. Mischief then enters the shot as a bird, asking Henryk about his ailments in the hospital. Henryk's full name is revealed, as well his birth year (1910). Mischief quips, "There's something you aren't telling me, isn't there?" before suggesting that they leave the hospital before the nurses "keep [Henryk] for themselves". The episode ends with Henryk using Mischief as a parachute to leave through the window. Cerebral electricity can be seen stemming from Mischief's parachute form.


1984 References[]

The TV set Henryk is watching in the hospital starts out with an advertisement reminding its viewers that Greetings Robotics Corporation is "keeping communities safe" beneath the watchful eyes. The image and phrase displayed on the TV evoke George Orwell's 1984, specifically the phrase "Big Brother is watching you".

The Ghost[]

The Ghost is seen in this episode in the toy commercial shown on TV. There is much speculation as to why this is, but one theory is that KAMI, who previously absorbed The Ghost, is intimately connected to the cerebral electricity which saturates Montreal. KAMI, The Ghost, or Greetings Robotics may have been 'tapped in' to the TV set vie cerebral electricity, allowing the image of The Ghost to appear.


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