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== Gallery ==
== Gallery ==
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<gallery position="center" bordersize="medium" bordercolor="#d63429">
Medcial Dossier.png
Medcial Dossier.png|"Blue Guys" indentity as seen in the hospital.
Beneath The Watchful Eyes.PNG
Beneath The Watchful Eyes.PNG|Greetings Robotics Corporations TV advertisment.
BirdMischief.PNG|Mischief taking form of a bird.
City.PNG|A shot of a Cerebral Electricity powered city.
Flying Away.PNG
Flying Away.PNG|"Blue Guy" and Mischief fleeing the hospital.
Ghosts.PNG|"The Ghost" as seen on the TV screen.

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"I'd bet the nurses in the next room are wondering, how a man over 100 years old has skin smoother than theirs" ― "Mischief"


The eigth episode of the Interface series published by 'u m a m i' on August 3rd 2018. This episode takes focus on Blue Guy and Mischief following the events that took place in episode 6. This is the first episode where Blue Guy is addressed by his real name.


The episode begins with B-roll footage of a city powered by Cerebral Electricity. We are then greeted by Blue Guy, who is now in a hospital bed following the events that took place in episode 6. The shot cuts to a TV displaying imagery of Greetings Robotics Corporation, reminding it's viewers that they are "Beneath the watchful eyes". Following this clip, a commercial for Hazmatz Monster Collection is shown. During the commercial, a brief image of The Ghost can be seen. Mischief then enters the shot as a bird, asking Blue Guy about his ailments in the hospital. Blue Guys identity is revealed as well as his age. Mischief suggests leaving the hospital before the nurses get suspicious. The episode ends with Blue Guy gliding away, using Mischief as a parachute.


1984 References

The TV set Blue Guy is watching in the hospital starts out with an advertisement reminding its viewers that Greetings Robotics Corporation is "keeping communities safe" beneath the watchful eyes. The image displayed on the TV has parralels to George Orwells "1984", specifically the slogan "Big Brother is watching you".

The Ghost

The Ghost is seen in this episode in the commerical shown on TV. This might be due to the fact that The Ghost was absorbed into Cerebral Electricity by KAMI. The city, being powered by Cerebral Electricity, might explain why The Ghost can be seen.


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