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"The truth will set you free." Mischief


Interface - Episode 11 - Revelation


The eleventh episode of the Interface series was published by 'u m a m i' on December 4th, 2018. This episode continues from Episode 09 with Henryk and Mischief sitting in the restaurant owned by the Chef. The painting in the booth that Henryk and Mischief sit at is umami's interpretation of the 1948 painting "Christina's World" by American painter Andrew Wyeth.

Official Synopsis[]

Big Smile and Henryk reach a breakthrough.


The episode begins with Henryk and Mischief sitting in the booth of the restaurant. Mischief loudly slurps his food before hypothesizing that the reason Henryk isn't hungry is due to his excessive smoking. He then comments that the Chef is wrong in thinking that Mischief can't change colors- according to Mischief, he "choose[s] to be this way". Henryk pulls out a photograph of his family and shows it to Mischief.

Henryk is then seen on the roof of a skyscraper, possibly considering jumping off. Mischief posits several questions about what he and Henryk "consumed", and Mischief's face is pulled back to reveal his interior buzzing with cerebral electricity and forming shifting faces in a manner very similar to the area behind KAMI's mask. The episode then cuts to a depiction of the car crash that killed Henryk's daughter and son-in law. Mischief is shown absorbing the cerebral electricity from the corpses of Henryk's dead relatives. He then reveals to Henryk that his great-granddaughter survived the crash. Mischief transforms into a car and drives off with Henryk inside. The episode closes with another shot of the painting inside the restaurant booth.


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