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"Everything has been calculated. So why is it, that deep down, in the pit of my gut, there's a voice whispering to me that something's wrong?" ― Mr. Greetings


Interface - Episode 12 - Metallic Evolution


The twelfth episode of the Interface series was published by 'u m a m i' on March 30th, 2019. This episode features a monologue by Mr. Greetings and the fight between Chef and KAMI.

Official Synopsis[]

This episode does not include a synopsis.


The episode begins with a shot of technicians sitting in a room in front of screens with information about KAMI. Mr. Greetings narrates the accomplishments and preparedness of Greetings Robotics as he travels throughout the blimp, but ponders why he has a feeling that something is wrong. A screen is shown depicting a global search for a heart for KAMI. The shot changes to KAMI stroking and gazing at the front of her mask.

The blimp's computers perform a search for Chef's restaurant, upon which KAMI descends and vaporises the exterior in the same manner as in Episode 04. The same screen as before appears, showing Chef as a match for the heart. Chef appears, wielding several knives, which he throws at KAMI. A green hand very similar in appearance to The Ghost materializes in front of KAMI to block the attack. Chef then grows to an enormous size and throws KAMI across the city, slamming her into the Mount Royal Cross and releasing a huge burst of cerebral electricity. The GR blimp then descends upon Chef as two green hands circle him and form a strange gesture. Chef is then dissipated into cerebral electricity and absorbed by KAMI and the blimp. The episode closes with a close-up of the baby face on the blimp.


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