"A word of warning; don't get lost in time." ― The flying head

Interface - Episode 15 - The Winds

Interface - Episode 15 - The Winds

Description Edit

The fifteenth episode of the Interface series was published by 'u m a m i' on September 14th, 2019. The episode continues a short while after the events of Episode 14 as Mischief and Henryk continue their trek east. The flying head in this episode is voiced by Bob Grossi.

Synopsis Edit

The episode begins with a flashback to Henryk's past. He stands in a dark room holding an infant, possibly his daughter, as a radio broadcaster reads a segment about what is presumably cerebral electricity. The shot changes to show Henryk cycling on Mischief across the countryside towards a flooded portion of the road. They stop, and Mischief points out a frog in the stream that is about to be eaten by a heron.

Suddenly, time freezes and the rocks in the stream begin to levitate. A static-y bubble arises from the water and morphs into the shape of a flying head. The colors of the landscape are inverted and turned into greyscale as the head speaks a cryptic message to Henryk:

In this land of rot and erosion..
You stand alone...
Static, stoic, frozen...
I scan the horizon...
Not heaven's skies nor caverns below... I see your home, a state of abandon... There is no judgement, only dangers aglow... Your search continues, as does mine... A word of warning; don't get lost in time.
Throughout the message, flashbacks can be seen showing Henryk's participation in the Army and his marriage to his wife. Henryk's daughter's voice can also be heard echoing throughout the sequence. Mischief also produces a camera and snaps a photograph of the event. The head disappears and the world returns to normal. Mischief hands Henryk the photograph, saying, "A road trip souvenir". The episode ends with the heron moving to eat the frog.

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