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Interface - Episode 18 - Rebuilding


The eighteenth episode of the Interface series was published by 'u m a m i' on February 1st, 2020. It follows Henryk's great-granddaughter some times after the events of Episode 04, and KAMI sometime after the events of Episode 12. The episode is set in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Official Synopsis[]

KAMI is not dead, but was being rebuilt. It has learned new tricks from those it had taken from.


The episode opens with shots detailing specs of KAMI's software. It becomes clear that after her fight with Chef in Episode 12, she was not destroyed, but was able to be repaired and upgraded. An overview of parts of her anatomy references several mythological figures. KAMI then processes Chef''s (Code name: 'Akkorokamui' in the software) memories and scans an image of Mischief and Henryk, identifying either one or both of them as new targets (presumably for absorption in the same manner as Chef and The Ghost).

The scene changes to Halifax, Nova Scotia, where cerebral electricity has severely impacted the appearance of the sky. A shot pans down over the apartment building that Henryk's great-granddaughter and The Ghost occupied in Episode 04, showing the room the pair were in still lit up bright green. A Greetings Robotics vehicle backs in front of the building, and a fleet of giant red 'helping hands' descend from the sky. Several of them lift 'sheets' of cerebral electricity from the back of the vehicle, warping space around them as they do so. The 'sheets' are applied to the building, which is then repaired.

The shot then changes to Henryk's great-granddaughter walking down the street as advertisements for Greetings Robotics are shown around her. The GR blimp can be seen, as well as a floating hand that resembles those from Chef's vision in Episode 09. A virtual 'WANTED' poster for Henryk and Mischief appears, before a giant red hand descends in front of Henryk's great-granddaughter. The episode closes with the hand flashing green before turning over and assuming the appearance of The Ghost.


Mythological references[]

The shot of KAMI's software screen explicitly references three mythological figures as codenames for KAMI's 'acquired' memory; Shiva[1] as her hands, Ga-oh[2] as her lungs, and Akkorokamui[3] as her heart. Each entity corresponds with the purpose of their body part; Shiva is a supreme creator in Hinduism, Ga-oh is a wind-controlling giant in the mythology of the Seneca, Huron, and Iroquois peoples, and Akkorokamui is a giant octopus-like monster in Shinto folklore. Akkorokamui in particular is an explicit reference to the imagery seen multiple times throughout Interface linking Chef to a heart. Shiva is very likely connected to The Ghost, as they are both represented by imagery of hands.

In addition, each figure corresponds to a part of KAMI's abilities. Shiva, the hands, enables KAMI to protect and transform herself, as well as destroy other things. Another piece of evidence linking Shiva to The Ghost is the protection aspect; a hand strongly resembling that of The Ghost materializes to protect KAMI when she fights Chef in Episode 12. Akkorokamui, the heart, controls KAMI's intuition and chromatophores, allowing her to camouflage herself. Octopi in real life are capable of this as well, being able to fool predators into thinking they are other objects by contorting their bodies and changing colors via chromatophores on their skin[4]. Ga-oh, the lungs, is not explicitly connected to any known character, but may be linked to Henryk as they are both silent, solitary old men. Henryk's smoking habit may also be a connection. The abilities Ga-oh grants are unknown, as "trace elements only" of its capabilities have been 'solved' by KAMI.

Hand, Lungs, Heart, and Brain[]

KAMI by herself is only capable of autonomy and recognition, according to her software specs. As she absorbs other beings, she gains new abilities. So far, she only has hands, lungs, and a heart for acquired anatomy. In a comment liked by u m a m i, one viewer linked Mischief's appearance to an uncoiled brain, implying that Mischief could fill the empty 'brain' role in KAMI's software- and that this might be the reason she has decided to pursue him. If this were the case, it could mean that although the 'WANTED' poster shows both Henryk and Mischief, KAMI may only be interested in the latter.



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