Description Edit

KAMI (Kinetic Autonomous Mechanical Interface) is a mysterious artificial intelligence pioneered by the Greetings Robotics Corporation that harnesses the power of cerebral electricity to function and obtain consciousness.

Origin Edit

Created by Greetings Robotics, it is believed that KAMI was designed as a means to counter-act other beings that can harness cerebral electricity and was developed in cooperation with the United Nations and various other bodies. KAMI is the first seen practical use of cerebral electricity.

Name Edit

'Kami' is the Anglicised version of the Japanese word '神', commonly translated into English as "god". They are the spirits worshipped in the Japanese Shinto religion. Kami are elements of nature such as landscapes and elements; kami can also be the souls of human beings and some venerated ancient clan leaders are considered to be kami.

Appearance Edit

KAMI appears as a massive female humanoid robot with black and white colouring. It is believed that the red spots on her white cheeks are meant to reference the Japanese flag. The Japanese writing depicted on the back of KAMI's neck reads 'Kami'. She has mechanical ribs and hair that resembles cables. Her ribcage can be opened to release cerebral electricity contained within. KAMI is seen using this ability in Episode 04 in order to absorb The Ghost. Underneath her right eye is written "Patent 783921706013", visible in Episode 03.

The "core" of KAMI is filled with cerebral electricity, and a mask on her head hides shifting faces in the static. The mask can be removed to interface with the computers in the Greetings Robotics blimp.


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