The following is a list of the events in the Interface series in chronological order.

This article contains spoilers through Episode 20.

Event Date Episode shown
Henryk Niebieski is born 1910 Episode 08
Mischief (known at this point as Percy) loses his job as a clown due to Dreamland burning down 1911 Episode 14
Henryk becomes immortal 1910-1945
Mischief joins the army and is destroyed in the Philadelphia Experiment 1943 Episode 01
Henryk floats down from the sky in Montreal and meets his wife in a hospital WWII (1939-1945) Episode 16
Henryk;s daughter, granddaughter, and great-granddaughter are born 1945-modern day
Henryk's wife dies of illness Unknown Episode 06
Henryk's daughter dies of old age and becomes The Ghost Unknown Episode 20
Henryk attempts suicide and inadvertently kills his granddaughter and grandson-in-law. His great-granddaughter is saved by The Ghost Unknown Episode 20
Mischief and Henryk meet Unknown Episode 01
Henryk collapses at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts Unknown Episode 06
KAMI absorbs The Ghost Unknown Episode 04
Henryk goes to the hospital, Mischief discovers his immortality Unknown Episode 08
Mischief and Henryk go to the Chef's restaurant Unknown Episode 09
Chef is absorbed by KAMI Unknown Episode 12
Mischief and Henryk go to Henryk's old house Unknown Episode 13
Henryk arrives at the Lighthouse, but finds no one Unknown Episode 19
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